Sudasha Brata Katha PDF eBook

Puja books for Sudasha Brata. There are two books, one is scanned book an the other one is a cleaner one typed in Odia.
sudasha brata book

Book 1 (text) Download Link

Book 2 (scanned) Download Link

The eBook download links have been updated as we have Sudasha Brata coming up. We will add/update other ebooks soon.


  1. Sudasha Brata is a good brata, every man & women are do this brata, as maa Lakshmi Thakurani at odisha, maa lakshmi prashnn hele kebehele daridyata aasiba nahin, tenukari ehi brata kale bhal heba.

  2. in the village of bhaliabeda, Ps Rengali Dist. Angul every people are trust on Sudasha Brata and they doing this brata every years. All people are haapy with this brata because Maa Lakshmi is alway happy with this brata, if Maa Lakshmi happy with you then you won,nt have any problem in your life, so please do this brata every odiya people thats my request for you. thanks

  3. Bhai bahuta bahuta dhanya baad, ehi upload pai.
    Kebala odhisa nuhe bahare loka madhya ethi pai upakruta heu chanti.

    Udaharan swarupa Mu.

  4. Pls issue in hindi or English those who don’t no oriya its quite difficult for them

  5. Really thanks for uploading this . Hope all odia OSHA n vrata books will get here easily.
    Really thanks

  6. Pls upload the same in English script so that those who are not able to read odiya can also read & have blessings of Ma Annapurna.

    • Guests are more than welcome to type the text in English and we will be more than happy to share the same here.

  7. Thanks you for both the books. I likes the scanned version, book 2. Staying outside India it’s not possible to buy those beautiful small osha brata booklets. Thanks again, I just made a color print of the same.

  8. kindly upload all the traditional odia traditional books for knowledge

  9. Plz confirm me sir
    This year 2019 sudersa brata will be held July 11,2019
    Newly married women can observe this brata or not

  10. Please post this book in other languages also like hindi Nd English so that everyone can have the blessing of goddess Lakshmi

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