Birbal Stories in Oriya

Akbar Birbal Kahani in Odia. Extreamly clever Birbal.


Creators:Pradhan, Khetramohan
Publisher:Orissa Jagannatha Company, Cuttack
Number of Pages:94
ID Code:280


  1. It is a very good step to give a new life to our odia book…Those odia people are out side of odisha will get benifit by this…I like it…Keep it up…

  2. Thanks for sharing books,very kind of you people doing grate job

  3. I cannot speak a single word after reading “punascha samudra”.it is fabulous and heart touching…….love u girija prasad Mohapatra for the beautiful gift to odia literature ……

  4. can you please add pdf version of “dasyu ratan” series? it will be really helpful. thank you.

  5. A website ro bahi gudika amaku ama pika dina kahani sabu monepakaidie……bahut bhala lagila a site ro bahi dekhiki

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