Odia Janhamamu (Chandamama) 1980 July

Janhamamu, 1980 July, Oriya PDF eBook for download.

Download Chandamama children’s magazine as scanned PDF:


All Copyrights: Chandamama Publications, Madras
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  1. I want to buy all Janhamaamu hard copy magazines starting from 1980 to 1995. Please can you arrange the issues for me? I ll be highly obliged .

    • Hi, Chandamama used to let the readers order old issues. But we aren’t sure if they still do that. Their website isn’t accessible right now. But we will try to contact them and let everyone know if the old issues are available to be ordered.

  2. This is the dream magazine i have been searching for.Please upload all 60 years of publications.Please let me know if there are current issues in odia print version is available so that i will subscribe to it.Thanks for your valiant efforts for making us live our dreams in Janhamamu.


  3. Thanks very much for the valuable effort ..i want to buy all the magazines…plz help me…

  4. you should add more story books like “MINA BAZAAR” and new edition of JANHAMAMU.

  5. I am really greatful. I would feel very much excited in my childhood days getting the odia janhamamu in my hand. Those days where TV serials, films were very less and no access to internet, the main source of getting entertainment and knowledge was these kind of books, but unfortunately these days the publication of odia janhamamu has been stopped . This is very much disheartening for lovers of this books.This is a great effort whoever has uploaded this book.I request if any one has any old janhamamu book please upload it.Through this column I would solicit the attention of publishing authority of this book to restart its publication in odia language,and I hope if they start selling it there will be no shortage of readers of this famed book.This book also helps the development of odia language.

  6. Sir, Apananku kipari dhanyabad debi janiparuni. Aneka barsha helani mu puruna jahnamamu book khoji asuthili sabu book stall re, lokanka pakhare matra paeni. Aji apananka ai site ru aha pae ate anandita au avari je word re kahihebani. Auhuri old edition upload karantu apananku request rahila.

  7. Chandamama has stopped publishing in all languages from March 2013, without issuing any press release and without giving any notifications or refund to subscribers. A message was given on the official Facebook page of the magazine on 30 May 2013 saying that they could not publish issues from March 2013 because of technical problems, and the magazine will restart publishing from July 2013 onwards. However, the official website of the magazine also went down in July 2013. Presently the website just says “We are currently doing some enhancement and upgrades to the website. We will be back soon”.It is not yet clear what is going to be the future of the magazine, and whether it is going to be revived in future.

    Chandamama website is back on Jan 2014, however again not available since May-2014 till date. There is no message displayed on chandamama.com. It seems this site is not available since then.

  8. ଦୟା କରି ଆଉ କିଛି ବହି ଅପଲୋଡ କର୍ଂତୁ.. ଜହ୍ନମାମୁଁ ମିଳିବ ?

  9. please give me all odia edition of chandamama of60 years. what will be its cost? please give me answer and please continue chandamama publishing. it is my dream story book from children stage..

  10. Janhamamu story’s are very interesting &
    Knowladgeble .these story’s again alive my childhood days .

  11. Thank you sir,

    Its my request to upload more books of janhamamu especially from 1990 to 2013
    We all are waiting to read and download.

    I am a grt fan of chandamama

  12. Please add more pdf format of janhamamu books..I want to read 1981 to 2000 janhamamu series…AGAIN it let me think about my childhood days….thnx..

  13. Good wishes!!
    Great effort for a good cause. Making Odia people cherish their childhood memories.
    Please continue with your work and if feasible add Manapabana, Sishulekha to your list.

  14. I want to purchase all available hard copies of odia janhamamu.. price doesnt matter.. please help anyone.. jaha v achhi chaliba.. i want those badly

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