Odia Janhamamu (Chandamama) 1980 June

Oriya Janhamamu, 1980 June, PDF eBook available for download.
Janhamamu 1980 June Oriya Chandamama

Download the children’s magazine as scanned PDF ebook :


All Copyrights: Chandamama
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  1. Emti gote website use kariki bahut khusi lagillagila. Janhamamu mora favorite magazine. Mora subhakamana je e website ahuri popular heu.

  2. I really happy to see that this kind of effort has been put up to popularize our short stories in our own odia scripts.
    Thank you.

  3. please add all the editions (i.e.since 1956 to 2000) in this website….. thanks for this august effort.

  4. Guys you won’t believe how much I love this,,, I had thought I would never get it again, ,”” but thanx for you guyz..
    Plz continue ur services for us,, we will so much obliged at u,,,::”””””

  5. After a long time I got those old memories…. But how can I download the latest copies.. ? it’s only for 1980s.

  6. Asesh dhanyabad janhamamu team. Bahut khusi lagila website pain. Jadi sambhava kichi nua edition bhi rakhile sundar haba.

  7. I want to read all the books of Janhamamu
    please upload
    I am a lover of the magazine
    l also collects it

  8. Thank you so much Sir, I am happy to download all the copies. I recalled my childhood days with chandamama. I need more copies of 1990 to 2000 year stories. Please provide them. Its my earnest request. Thank you

  9. Dear Sir, I didn’t believe ago that janhamamu was available to download.After lots of Googling I came to know about this website. After downloading I am very very happy . A Lots of thanks to you. Please add more adition.

  10. I’m not able to download these PDF of Chandamama Odia books. I eagerly want these books. Please please I request you to make it available for download. Please guys I request you. At least you can send me to my email. If you want money then also I’m agree… But please give me some PDF of Chandamama Odia edition.

  11. I am big fan of janhamamu.. It was such a nice experience.. Can I get hard copies of these books from the date it has published.if yes please tell me the procedure

  12. Thank you for this treasure…appreciate your hard work….please upload more ebooks 🙏🙏

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